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Stone Wall: a fairy tale for children and adults about important things

, 13:08, 12.07.2023
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Have the right to love! This is a fairy tale for children and adults about life during the war. About love and betrayal, kindness and hatred, corruption.

Stone Wall: a fairy tale (Rayan Riener)
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The tale of Kamyan Stina was written specifically for the Ukrainian human rights magazine STONEWALL (formerly "One of Us"). But it exceeded the permissible scope for possible publication, so you can read it here. But I would like to note and thank the efforts of the editor-in-chief and the Chairman of the Board of the VGO "GAU", Stanislav Naumenko, for his incredible efforts, for the existence of the magazine even in the conditions of war.

To read this fairy tale in russian, follow this link. You can also publish your poetry and prose. Send your works to [email protected] and we will definitely publish them.

Stone Wall

Stone Wall: a fairy tale (Rayan Riener)

Once upon a time in the beautiful and happy Kingdom of fields and flowers, in the south of Middle-earth, there lived a young prince. He loved to read and study to become the most scholar in the Kingdom.

The king at birth named him Luka. Together with the Queen, they were very happy to see how smart and handsome their young son was. The father saw in him a wise ruler in the future. After all, his older brother was too frivolous, naughty and loved to fight.

The kingdom lived in peace and prospered. The residents were happy. They traveled, traded with other nations, sowed and reaped crops. There was never a famine in the kingdom, and people loved to dance, have fun and celebrate. Everyone could love whomever they wanted and did not know grief and sadness.

The streets of towns and villages were full of music, and frequent festivities were the norm. The rivers were full of fish, the forests were full of animals, and the fields and orchards brought rich harvests that fed all the kingdoms around. The kingdom flourished.

Often the elder brother of the young prince, dragged him into his daring undertakings. One day, he took Young Bow with him on a hunting trip, secret from the King. Luka did not really want to be distracted from books and science in order to become the wisest King in the future.

The elder prince caught his brother that “he can only read books,” and it’s worth learning to hunt, like all men. Luca became upset and listened to his brother's words.

Secretly from her father, at dawn she got out of the capital's castle and set off on horseback.

- That's how we catch a deer, your father will immediately begin to respect you! - said the senior prince, Dimitri.

Luka remained modestly silent, not understanding how a dead deer would make the King respect them.

With each turn of the road they went further and further from the capital. There were more and more trees, and soon they found themselves in the forest.

Demetrius immediately tied the horses, and armed with bows, they went to track down the deer, whose tracks led into the thicket of the forest. In the meadow, among the flowers, a family of deer was grazing: father, mother and two small deer. The deer was careless and did not expect evil from people, and Dimitri, together with Luka, pulled the bowstring, aiming at the animal.

One shot - and Dimitri's arrow hit the unfortunate deer right in the heart. He dropped dead. But Luke's arrow missed him.

And the deer, together with the cubs, ran away in fear.

“It didn’t work out,” Luka said hiding his joy.

He felt joy in his heart that he had not killed the beautiful deer.

- All right, I'll tell my father that it was you who killed the deer. So be it,” the older brother quipped.

Luke just shrugged.

- But how much meat for the feast will be! Dimitri shouted, clapping his younger brother on the shoulder.

Together with the carcass of a deer, they went back and by the evening reached the village where the nearest butcher lived.

Luka looked at the empty eyes of the deer all the way. It seemed that tears were flowing from the eyes of the dead man. The young prince had a good heart.

“Do we really need to kill someone to impress our father?” - complained the young man.

- Certainly! Every man must kill,” the brother replied.

So the dilapidated butcher's hut appeared, where Dimitri wanted to give the carcass so that the butcher would prepare the meat for the feast. It was supposed to take place tomorrow. And then, as Dimitri had planned, he would surprise the King that the youngest son had killed him himself.

The carcass had to be returned as quickly as possible in order to return to the capital by evening and lie to the King that he and his younger brother were somewhere in the city. And keep the surprise a secret.

The butcher looked big and angry. Not all the inhabitants of the village loved him for his viciousness. But when he saw the two princes, he immediately began to serve them and agreed to prepare a deer for a feast. He dragged the deer from the horse only on one shoulder, rejoicing to serve the royal family.

Luka and Dimitri were about to leave when they heard screams in the barn, where the butcher was butchering meat and keeping animals.

What is there? - thought the young prince, and despite the reproaches of his older brother, he went to see what was happening.

Luka opened the door and saw the vicious butcher raise his hand to hit the young man. It was his son.

A handsome young man was clutching a small calf in his hands, not wanting to give it to his father the butcher.

- What's going on? Luca screamed.

- The son does not want to slaughter a calf for meat, so that there is another gift for the feast, my lord! Now I'll teach him!

And the butcher's huge fist was about to strike.

- No! the young prince protested.

- How so milord? - the butcher was surprised, - I just want to make you one more gift for the feast. Calf meat is very tender and tasty.

- Don't hit this boy! Enough deaths for today,” Luka shouted, running up to a handsome young man with black eyes.

“All right, as you say, the prince,” the butcher answered lamentingly, “but Maximus must listen to his father, otherwise ...

And the Butcher looked at his son with hatred.

- Don't you dare hit him! Otherwise, I'll tell my father about everything.

- Excuse me, young prince, but this son is a real rag! A pathetic girl crying at the sight of blood. You brought game, and yet you are the same age! He must be a man, not a girl.

“Enough deaths for today,” Luka said confidently.

Taking Maximus by the hand, he stepped out of the barn and looked at him with his blue eyes.

The poor guy was frightened, not holding back his tears, threw himself into the arms of the young prince.

Thank you my lord for saving me! My father beats me every day. I have no brothers or sisters and he directs all his anger at me ...

Luke was taken aback.

- Everything will be fine, Maximy, I will talk to your father.

And after talking with the butcher, Luka was sure that he would never beat his son again for fear of the crown. Maximy was such a kind and handsome young man, he simply could not leave him in trouble.

Luca said goodbye to his new friend and promised to return as soon as he could. The prince wanted to check how the young man who left a response in his heart was doing.

The older brother was dissatisfied all the way to the capital, and reproached the young prince for his pity and kindness.

- Such a tasty calf was lost! It was a gift to us.

Luke didn't want to answer. For the first time in his life, he was so worried about the fate of another person. Even more than books and science.

After the feast, the King softened when he heard that his young prince also knew how to hunt and the lessons in archery were not in vain. Everyone at the feast ate deer meat with spices and drank wine. They danced and had fun. But Luka kept thinking about Maximus.

A few days later, the young prince himself got out of the capital, wearing an old cape. By rural roads and on foot, he went to the village near the forest to see the young man again.

Luke found Maxius in the field when he was working. Grabbing his callused hand, he led him to a flower grove where locals grew flowers for the capital's market. There, secretly from everyone, he kissed him for the first time and confessed his feelings.

Thus, the young prince fell in love with a poor rural youth, the son of a rude butcher. Luka, by all means, decided that they should be together.

Secretly from everyone, Luke and Maximy could see each other in the flower garden, where they read books together and hugged. The prince gave him beautiful things and books. And Maximy was so happy that his evil father stopped beating him, fearing the prince. And that he met such a kind Luka, who loved him for his beautiful soul.

No one knew that the young prince fell in love with the unfortunate but just young man from the edge of the forest. And they kept it a secret.

They were very in love with each other. They were so happy together that they never wanted to leave.

So several years passed. Luka lived with the thought of Maximy from meeting to meeting, and even began to study worse. But he tried not to show that from time to time he disappears from the city in order to meet his lover. The king should not have known that he fell in love with a commoner.

His father kept saying that the prince should marry the chosen princess. And Luka didn't know what to do.

The stone wall seemed to separate their fates, even as they held hands tightly.

But the real stone wall stood on the northern borders of the Kingdom. She protected the lands of the Fields and Flowers from the terrible robbers and orcs who lived in the swamps.

No signs of trouble. But one day, terrible news came - a robber tribe went to war against the Kingdom. A horde of villains wanted to take everything that the lands of the beautiful Kingdom had and wipe the smiles from people's faces.

People stopped dancing and having fun, heard the terrible news. Many rushed to flee the Kingdom, in a panic. It seems that a happy and peaceful country was not ready for such a huge horde of villains of all stripes.

Creepy crows from the north began to bring fire on their branches to burn villages and cities. The streets were filled with weeping and misery.

But the King took matters into his own hands. He issued a decree that every family should give a warrior to protect the Kingdom and never give up their beautiful lands to the barbarians.

The borders were closed and fear settled in the souls of the people. Each family had to give the eldest son to the war. The king chose his eldest son Maximus so that he could go and stop the bandit tribe with him. And the youngest, Luka, he left to take care of affairs in the capital.

Stone Wall: a fairy tale (Rayan Riener)

But Maximy, his lover, was the only child in the family. And Luka took him to him to protect and hide his beloved. So that no one would guess that he was a guy, Maximy hid his body in women's clothes and pretended to be a girl.

Working at the royal court, he could help with money and food to his parents, who hid from the war in a dense forest. Like many villagers who were looking for asylum.

The stone walls of the capital and the castle were well protected, but…

Black magic dissipated over the once happy land. People began to swear and be indignant, to fight and gossip. These were all the tricks of the dark magicians of the north, who wanted to destroy the Kingdom of Fields and Flowers. From within.

But not only enemies brought grief, separation and fear to peaceful lands.

The evil witch Fario, who lived in the bald attic of the Old City, and her corrupt accomplice, guarding the castle in the Capital, Karas - they rejoiced at the grief of those around them and dreamed of taking power away from the King. While he is busy with the war.

"War!" - thought the treacherous witch, - "now my time will come."

The cunning witch decided to act.

- This is the punishment of the gods, from whom we turned away! You are blind in your love! Debauchery!

Fario gathered women, children and old people on the streets and caused confusion in the Kingdom, and instructed her accomplice and rogue Karas to persuade other guards of the castle while the country was at war with robbers and orcs from the northern swamps.

So that passers-by listened to her, she baked bread and distributed it to the poor. But no one knew that she poured poison into the flour.

People in fear willingly believed the words of Fario and Karas, starting to hate everyone around.

The henchmen began to beat everyone who wore bright clothes and loved those whom their hearts commanded. After all, Fario said so!

"War!" Karas urged the guards, “This is no time for fun!”

Farah incited the people to treason and hatred towards each other, while the knights and the King defended the land from the northern invaders. With evil magic and false words, she charmed people around. Karas, incited the guards of the castle, sowed distrust and disobedience to the actions of the king in the kingdom.

People listened more and more to the evil witch, and became blinded in their hatred. And her poison in the free bread made everyone sick.

And so, the evil witch said that love is a disease. And everyone who loves people of their own sex is to blame and carries the disease!

"It's because of them that the war!"

Luckily, Luka did a good job of hiding Maximius in his female role. And as long as he was safe. But all the people in the Kingdom were furious with hatred and disease. They began to look for those responsible for the disease and blame.

At the very time when the knights of the entire Kingdom - defended their country.

Luke also did not sit idle and was looking for an answer: how to win this war? His knowledge could help in this. And in the most ancient books - he found the answer.

- It is necessary to close the passage in the Stone Wall, - the young man decided.

Having created the drawings, Luka, together with Maximy, were able to build a large balloon. He could fly across the entire kingdom and carry many stones to permanently seal the hole in the wall that protected their evil creatures of the northern swamps.

Quite a bit of time passed - the hole was covered with stones, and the bandit tribe on the lands of the Kingdom was taken prisoner.

It was a win...

… but all people have forgotten about happiness.

The king, like everyone around, returning from the war, was also embittered. The hatred and diseases that Fario and Karas have sown have gripped many in the country. Poverty and aggression have become the norm. The embezzlers stole, talking about the sacred gods, and Fario with his minions gained power over the people.

Her henchman, Karas, threatened the women, accusing them of having more children if there was another war. And many watchmen of the castle, listening to him, raped girls and women.

These are terrible times.

And there could be no talk of someone dancing and having fun again, loving and being happy, "if only not to anger the gods again."

One day, the dejected king announced that he would hold a great ball in order to finally find a wife for his youngest son, the Prince.

Luke, meeting again with Maximia, grieved when he learned the demands of his father.

- Let me go to the ball so you can choose me?

- Father is now so strict! - Luka answered, - he definitely won’t accept our love ... Everyone around is so angry and sick ...

“Don't worry,” Maximy kissed Luka, “I know what to do.

While Maximus served in the palace walls, he learned many secrets from other servants. One of the servants told the whole truth about the evil done to people by the hands of Fario. After all, it was she who supplied her with poisons for potions that sowed diseases.

Maximius knew what the vile old Fario was doing to people.

He was well versed in herbs and potions to cure people of strange diseases, which the distraught witch blamed the young men who loved each other.

So, Luka and Maximy decided to take part in the ball. Through thick and thin.

Not to find him a wife, but to show their love for each other.

At the ball they looked beautiful, dressed in the most beautiful dresses and jewelry. Maximy entered the ball, wearing a beautiful dress, sewn with his own hands. He had to lie that she was a princess who came to the bride from the Rose Islands, far, far away from here.

And everyone believed her tricks.

Wearing all the most beautiful jewelry that her beloved Luka gave her, she fluttered around the ball, having managed to charm even the King. Frisky dancing had long been banned, but everyone around her let it down, because she was a foreigner.

And so, Luke went up to Maximus. The lady made a few curtsies and placed her hand in the prince's.

They were at a glance, in front of everyone, but they could be together without fear. Without fear.

They danced slow dances, holding hands, and everyone in the hall looked at them with admiration. No one knew that for many years they loved each other.

The other princesses whispered and got angry and envious. Everyone around saw how good they were together.

But only the evil witch Fario and her friend Karas noticed something was wrong. They were also at the ball, but they sat in a dark corner, spitting and cursing everyone around.

- Isn't it a young man for an hour, this overseas princess? - said Karas, devouring Maximia with his eyes.

- I'll check it out! - answered Farah and rushed into the crowd of dancing people.

Standing with a sharp heel on Maximie's dress, she tore the fabric. Maxie fell to the floor, clutching Luke's arms.

Maximus gasped! The dress flew off his shoulders and now everyone saw who he really was.

The king got up from his throne.

- What a sacrilege!

But Lukash did not let go of his beloved and pressed him even tighter.

The evil Fario did not let up and in a vile tone said:

- What are you, morons? Then say that you are morons! The gods will punish us again for this free love of yours! It is they who breed diseases in our Kingdom!

- Immediately seize the deceiver! - Karas shouted.

Lukash protected Maksimy with himself.

- I love him! We have been together for many years and will never part.

The king got angry when he heard this.

Maximus was not upset. He seemed to know what to say.

- That evil witch Fario and Karas are lying! It was they who poisoned the people while the war was going on. Fario poisoned her free bread, and Karas lied and sowed hatred with his lies.

- Prove it, - said the King, - surprised.

Fario and Karas really looked disgusting. Many did not like them, but believed their words out of hatred and fear.

Maximia's friend, a maid, came into the hall and told the whole truth. All the people at the ball were in shock. But Fario and Karas did not let up, continuing to lie and blame their beloved.

The king didn't know who to believe...

“My mother taught me to heal with herbs a long time ago,” Maximy said, “my servants and I poured medicine from medicinal herbs into all the wells. Tomorrow, all the inhabitants of the castle and the capital will be healthy.

- And then everyone will know that the real villains are Fario and Karas! - Luke exclaimed.

“Well,” said the King, “tomorrow we will find out.

Maximy and Luka joined hands, afraid that they might never see each other again. And kissed goodbye.

When the king saw how much they loved each other, he realized that true love does not depend on gender or orientation. The evil spell of hatred was broken.

And when people in the city stopped getting sick, it became clear to everyone who the real villain was.

He announced that Luka and Maxim are the real heroes of the kingdom, who opened his eyes to a new world, and that they deserve respect and love. Like everyone else in the kingdom.

So, Luka and Maxim became known throughout the Kingdom as a symbol of true love, and every year a ball was held in their honor, where everyone could show their love and respect for each other, regardless of orientation.

The evil Fario and Karas were thrown with their henchmen behind the Stone Wall to rot for everything they did in the swamp, along with the orcs.

And Luka and Maxim lived happily ever after, loving each other, surrounded by the love of their friends and people, whom he remembered as the wisest King, and the Prince, who could cure the country from war and hatred.

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