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Russian forces shelled inflicts injuries and damage in Nikopol

, 16:40, 27.09.2023
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Two people were injured as a result of Russian forces shelling the town of Nikopol in the Dnipro Region on Friday, the head of the regional government.

Russian forces shelled inflicts injuries and damage in Nikopol
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In an unfortunate incident, two individuals sustained injuries due to shelling by Russian forces in the town of Nikopol, located within the Dnipro Region. The announcement was made by Serhiy Lysak, the head of the regional government, through the Telegram platform.

Nikopol has faced recurrent attacks from Russian forces over recent months, and during the last night, the aggressor unleashed heavy artillery fire upon both Myrivska Hromada and Nikopol itself. This indiscriminate attack resulted in injuries to two individuals, specifically, two men aged 44 and 68, who are currently under medical care and reported to be in moderate condition.

The geographical proximity of the Dnipro Oblast to the Zaporizhia Oblast, where the southern front line is situated, has made this region susceptible to frequent shelling incidents.

Russian forces shelled inflicts injuries and damage in Nikopol

The effects of the attack on Nikopol

The shelling also caused a fire to erupt within a two-story building, which was swiftly contained by the efforts of firefighters. Regrettably, a private enterprise incurred damage, and a farm building was completely destroyed. Additionally, six private residences, two farm structures, an automobile, two gas pipelines, and a power line were all severely affected by the shelling.

The 68-year-old injured gentleman has been transported to the surgical ward of a local hospital and is currently in moderate condition. Simultaneously, the 44-year-old individual injured within the confines of Myrivska Hromada has been admitted to a medical facility for treatment.

Russian forces shelled inflicts injuries and damage in Nikopol

Significant property damage was also sustained, including harm to a private residence, two outbuildings, and a vehicle.

It is worth noting that the night remained tranquil in the remaining communities of the region, contrasting with the unfortunate events that transpired in Nikopol.