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Russian Attack Unleashes Stealth Bomber Drone in Nikopol: Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik

, 20:34, 23.09.2023
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Explore the latest developments in the Nikopol conflict as Russia deploys the Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik stealth bomber drone in a daring attack.

Stealth Bomber Drone in Nikopol: Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik
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In a recent military development, there has been growing concern about Russia's involvement in the conflict in Nikopol, Ukraine, which includes the deployment of advanced military technology such as the Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik, also known as the "Hunter." This cutting-edge Russian heavy bomber drone, designed with stealth technology to minimize radar detection, is believed to be a source of pride for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In-Depth Look at the Sukhoi S-70 Ochotnik and Its Role in the Nikopol Attack

Inspired by the iconic American B-2 Spirit bomber, which has been in service for over three decades, the S-70 Ochotnik made headlines in 2019 when it conducted its maiden test flight alongside Russia's latest fighter, the Su-57. It is envisioned as a "loyal wingman" capable of collecting critical data during joint high-risk missions when working in conjunction with manned aircraft like the Su-57.

Reports about the presence of this bomber drone in Ukraine first emerged in the media in June and July of this year, with sightings in the skies above the city of Sumy. Although the S-70 Ochotnik is not slated to officially join the Russian military until next year, it appears that the Kremlin may be keen to field-test it in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and, if necessary, make further adjustments to the technology.

The S-70 Ochotnik boasts an estimated weight of approximately 20 tons and a wingspan of up to 20 meters. While the specifics of its power source remain somewhat unclear, experts speculate that it may be equipped with a single AL-31F turbofan engine or an improved variant akin to those used in Su-35S fighters.

The Deployment of the S-70 Ochotnik in the Nikopol Offensive Raises Questions and Concerns

With an efficient propulsion system, the S-70 Ochotnik is anticipated to achieve a maximum speed of roughly 1,400 km/h, enabling it to conduct missions over a range of 6,000 kilometers and reach altitudes of up to 10,500 meters. Its internal payload includes two specialized compartments for carrying a variety of guided and unguided munitions, encompassing weaponry such as Ch-58USzK anti-radiation missiles, KAB-250 or KAB-500M bombs, Ch-38M missiles, Ch-35 Uran missiles, and Ch-47M2 Kindzhal hypersonic missiles.

As this situation unfolds, it raises concerns about the evolving dynamics in the conflict in Nikopol and the potential implications of deploying advanced military technology like the S-70 Ochotnik in the region. The international community closely watches these developments with a keen eye on the broader geopolitical landscape.