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Recurrent artillery attacks target marganets community. Civilians remain unharmed

, 20:13, 08.08.2023
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In a disquieting repetition of recent events, the tranquil Marganets community once again found itself subjected to hostile artillery fire earlier today.

Recurrent Artillery Attacks Target Marganets Community
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The adversary's aggression manifested in a dual onslaught, as heavy artillery ordnance was unleashed upon the area not once, but twice, within the span of a single day. The reverberations of this military provocation were palpable, with more than half a dozen projectiles launched in quick succession, heralding the grim resonance of conflict in a region that yearns for stability.

Official statement by Serhiy Lysak

In accordance with a communiqué disseminated by the esteemed Informant, the source of this unsettling development emanated from the official communiqué of Serhiy Lysak, the esteemed head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration (OVA). This somber disclosure marked a renewed escalation in the ongoing hostilities that have regrettably become characteristic of the region, shattering the fragile tranquility that residents have been endeavoring to uphold.

"Nikopol region. Manganetsk community. Today again - under enemy fire. The aggressor hit twice with heavy artillery. Fired more than half a dozen shells"the message says.

The intended targets, whether edifices or other strategically significant landmarks, bore the brunt of the onslaught, as these projectiles found their marks with ominous precision. An exhaustive assessment of the aftermath of this audacious offensive is presently underway, with authorities meticulously laboring to discern the of the damage sustained by the community.

In other cities and regions of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, the day passed peacefully.