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Ukrainian emo rock band MySpace: where it all started

, 03:27, 02.07.2023
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From rap to emocore: Cursed! Even before the creation of the emo-rock band, there was a solo project Damned, in which Dmytro began his musical journey.

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started
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From rap to emocore: Cursed but not forever! Now you know him as MySzace, a Ukrainian music artist who made his music solo after breaking all ties with the Russian label he was dealing with before the war. Known to many as the lead singer of the MySpace band Dmytro, he was formerly known as Cursed! and created his own project toб continue creativity and express your ideas in the emo-rock genre.

The song is about the most terrible feelings - depression and hopelessness, which often make you think whether. even commit suicide. When we don't know how to live on, our brain tries to end the process of pain and suffering, and at that moment it seems as if we are dying, - the singer explains.

From rap to emocore: Cursed!

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

Originally known as the rapper, Cursed! went through the path of creative development and evolution to discover a new genre of music. With the help of his musical talent and persistence, he was able to mix elements of rap and emotional hardcore, creating a unique sound that later became known as emocore from MySpace.

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

Cursed! talks about his musical evolution and transition from rap to emocore. He reveals his motivations and influences that helped him find his true musical path. Cursed! shares his vision of emocore, as well as the changes that took place in his life and work after the break with the Russian label.

A new MySpace project for emocore fans

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

Після розриву з російським лейблом після початку війни, Проклятий! вирішив створити новий проєкт під назвою MySpace. Цей проєкт був зорієнтований на тих, хто любить емокор та цей стиль музикиCursed! wanted to create music, which reflected his new prominence and attitude to musical creativity.

With the help of MySpace, Dmytro Damned created music that expressed his emotions and thoughts, sometimes with hard guitar riffs and energetic drums, and other times with sweeping things and emotional singing. He was never afraid to openly express his feelings and experiences in his songs.

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

"Cursed!" not only created music, he also sought to reproduce it on stage with great power and energy. His performances became known for their intensity and communication with the audience. He strived to inspire self-expression and openness in his listeners, and his songs sounded like anthems for those who felt isolated or unaccepted.

Dmytro truly became an icon for many listeners of emocore and alternative music. He showed that it is possible to make music with deep meaning and emotional power, regardless of genre or musical medium.

It should not be forgotten that "Dmytro the Damned!", who made his music solo, broke all his relations with the Russian label with which he had business before the war. This breakup was difficult, but Dmytro took this important decision to promote his music independently and independently.

Lasha good bye, MySpace come on

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

His decision to sever ties with the Russian label was an expression of his principles and support for Ukraine. Dmytro the Damned opposed aggression and invasion, and this break became a clear statement of his political beliefs. He refused to cooperate with those who did not share his values and support for independence.

After parting ways with the label, Damned became more free to express his creativity and message. He was on the way to self-determination and finding new ways in music. His new MySpace project reflected his passion for emocore and his desire to create something original and meaningful for listeners.

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

Dmytro Dorian became an example of how music can be not only entertainment, but also a means of expressing personality, ideals and struggle. His work impressed and inspired many listeners, helping them find themselves and strengthen their beliefs.

Ukrainian rock band MySpace: where it all started

Thus, "Cursed!" from rap to emocore went through a difficult path of creative development, turning his music and self-expression into a tool of resistance and independence. His determination to sever relations with the Russian label & create a new MySpace project were important steps in the development of the Ukrainian music scene and the support of Ukrainian music.

We remind you that Dmitry Dorian, who is the soloist of the MySpace band, has his own TikTok channel, subscribe via the link