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`Queer Pandemic` story collection | Saph4_39 novell

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, 2022-02-02 17:21:37

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Dear readers, `Queer Pandemic`, a collection of short stories, has reached the final stage of its journey. I want to please you that the date of its release...

Queer Pandemic | Saph4_39

 Dear readers, `Queer Pandemic`, a collection of short stories, has reached the final stage of its journey. I want to please you that the date of its release will be February 22, 2022 on Amazon! !

I remind you of what you should know about the collection. It will include stories already known and loved by you, such as "Revenge of the Queers", as well as "Maniac at the End of the Tunnel", "Edward" and others. But the main highlight of the collection will be my new short story "Safo439", which is a continuation of the story of "Edward". I wrote this new short story based on a given idea, but all of you will be able to enjoy reading it very soon!

Queer Pandemic | Saph4_39 Disclaimer. The collection of fantasy stories "Queer Pandemic" is in no way related to the "covid19 pandemic". Most of the stories that will be provided in the collection for readers were written much earlier than the events taking place. All characters and events are fictitious. A new excerpt from the short story "Sapho" is ready for you: * * * Hundreds of years ago, the people who survived the apocalypse migrated between continents using the garbage roads. Humans made islands of debris floating in the ocean together and created whole great routes for migration and trade across the seas and oceans. Some garbage roads exist to this day. Often, on the way of such garbage roads, people arranged entire cities where they exchanged goods, built houses and fished in order to survive. Some of these settlements are still in existence today. Our archipelago city, in part, was also a similar settlement before. At the very beginning of recolonization, instead of sand on the shore, there were mountains of garbage. And all the water up to the horizon was occupied with waste. But gradually, thanks to the efforts of several generations and the solidarity of all communities on the continent, the coast was reclaimed from the garbage. Plastic waste was recycled, nets were made, floats-platforms, with thick walls. These buoys sometimes covered several square meters, representing a wall for centuries, which was supposed to stop the flow of floating debris to the shore. The network extended thousands of kilometers, creating a great wall a few kilometers from the shore. And when this great floating wall was created, the plastic behind the wall was collected and completely recycled, releasing water off the coast. Deep under water, there were still many deposits of plastic and the banks still needed to be cleaned. But, fortunately, every year less and less waste penetrated the wall. But this did not apply to the water, stretching to the horizon and in all directions, behind the floating wall. The entire ocean was covered with plastic everywhere you looked. It will take several centuries to clean it up too... Garbage hummocks will connect the continents for a long time, and a connection with the past, in which people thought only about what would be enough for their own lifetime. They refused to understand that even a thousand years would not be enough for their few descendants to clear out all this garbage created in the “golden age”, which was actually the end. For starters, we checked out the way everyone used to come and go from here. The vent hatches were tightly locked and nothing could be done to open them. Then, as in the beginning, we had to go all around to find floating garbage. Several plastic lighthouses made from recycled plastic were banging against the island's walls. We also used old fishing nets and creepers to tie up the floating plastic and get a new raft. From plastic and old sticks we made primitive oars. Everything was ready to set sail. First, we agreed that I, Max and Jan would reconnoiter the situation and, if possible, return back for Snow and Milena. And if this does not work out, then at least we will inform those who can help them. Knowing Sneg as an excellent survivalist, we understood that we should not worry about her, especially since Milena should not have threatened her life. But suddenly for everyone, Jan told us that he also wants to stay with Snow on the island. The decision was strange. Perhaps he was just afraid. But Max and I were determined to get out of here so we could see our loved ones again. Without unnecessary trivialities, Max and I set sail. We looked back for a long time, where two silhouettes accompanied us with their eyes - Yan and Snow. Soon we sailed so far away that they could not be seen. For some reason, the current carried us towards the barrier fence of the sea, despite our efforts to swim to the nearest building in sight. Eventually. Our raft ran into something and got stuck. A pile of wire in the water. It was already difficult to move around the littered bay, but now we definitely stood in place. The nearest area, with educational buildings, to which we wanted to moor was completely in the other direction. But in my memory, there was a barrier wall not far away, and if we swim to it, then we can walk to the University. We swam perfectly, and without a second's hesitation, we rushed into the water. There were only a couple of hundred meters to the plastic wall, which we quickly overcame. I will never forget what I saw when I clung to the nets and ropes that connected the buoys made of recycled plastic and climbed out of the water on them. Garbage covered everything around behind the wall. All the way to the horizon, where the midday sun shone in the distance, the entire expanse of sea water was covered with a variety of plastic debris. All colors and sizes, merging into one mess, protruding as islands, diverging to the sides, opening a time window into the water world... A lump came to my throat, and my eyes watered... - What a horror! Max stood next to me on the big buoy. We were looking into the distance. - Yes, it's strange that our ancestors were able to destroy everything and create "it" in just a hundred years... I impulsively grabbed Max by the hand. And he hugged me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, I didn't know why. When I saw all this garbage up close, for the first time in my entire life, under these circumstances, I regretted that humanity even exists. After all, even the efforts of entire generations have not been able to put an end to the mistakes of just one generation. Do we human beings really deserve to live on this beautiful planet? Perhaps all these diseases and viruses are a punishment for us from the Earth itself? - Revenge of the Earth... – I clung to Max's wet clothes. There was no time to slow down, and we rushed barefoot along the buoys that separate the city bay from the ocean. Jumping on the cells of the wall, as if running through obstacles that separate the past from the future. The building of the University and other educational institutions could already be seen from a distance. Unfortunately, we found that part of the wall was torn and now the debris from the ocean freely penetrated along with the waves into the bay. It became clear that the wall protecting the city from endless garbage is now destroyed and we, apparently, will have to swim a few hundred meters more to the archipelago. Seagulls circled over our heads as we sailed through islands of junk from the ocean, frightened by our sudden appearance in their domain. Suddenly, I noticed how one of the birds, trying to take off, could not do it. Her paw was tangled in the nets and her desperate attempts to free herself did not give anything. - Wait, - shouted Max! – This is dangerous! - I know, but I can't leave a bird in such trouble. When I swam up to the unfortunate victim, the bird began to peck at my hands, which were reaching out to help her. I put my hand away, trying to calm her down with a soft voice, but nothing helped. Max came to the rescue by grabbing the bird by the neck. Only then I was able to free her paw from the net and she immediately fluttered up, taking off into the sky. - Take a look at your hands, - shouted Max. My hands were covered in bruises and blood from a bird in distress. - Everything is fine! – I replied to Max, - we have done much more harm, as people, to all living beings on Earth than they... - Okay, whatever you say. Let's move on, there's still quite a bit to go! Indeed, the shore was already close. It was already possible to make out the details of the University building, where students usually scurried around. But now it was empty. And when we got out of the water, we tried to hide, looking around. Not a soul around.

* * *

Queer Pandemic | Saph4_39

Continuation in the collection of stories is waiting for you! ! #RayanRiener / #NativeAmerican #Киберпанк #GayFutute #LesbianWorld #СоларПанк #Lesbian #ЭкоПанк #LGBTBook #Экология #GayLiterature #КвирЛитература #QueerWriter #Pandemia #ГейФантастика #GayScyFi #ЛесбиКнига #QueerLiterature #ЛГБТФантастика #Indians #КоренныеАмериканцы My Telegram: https://t.me/rayanriener My TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@rayan_riener? My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rayan_riener/ My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJiB8miLtPXvb3absoMa2YQ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrRiener My Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rayanriener/ My books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?i=digital-text&rh=p_27%3ARayan+Riener&s=relevancerank&text=Rayan+Riener&ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1

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