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Male sexuality: how women choose men

, 14:08, 29.01.2023
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Male sexuality is determined by the male sex hormone - testosterone. It is produced by the testicles.

Male sexuality: how women choose men
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Why do some men have more sexual partners than others, and still others appear feminine at all? We talked about the peculiarities of male sexuality with Yuriy Gurzhenko, an andrologist, sexologist, doctor of medical sciences of the Ukrainian Institute of Andrology and Sexology.

Male sexuality is determined by the male sex hormone - testosterone. It is produced by the testicles, and only a small proportion of this hormone is produced by the adrenal glands. A man's body also contains a portion of the female hormone estrogen, but most men have very little of it. Thanks to testosterone, a man has a more determined, masculine character, better expressed aggressiveness, muscle strength that exceeds a woman's.

Male sexuality: how women choose men

What is he like in bed?

Women often accuse men of saying that they only need one thing - to drag a young lady into bed. And these accusations are not without grounds. Testosterone, which is predominant in the male body, increases sexual perception and also causes sexual desire. In addition, if the emotional, psychological side of sexual relations is more important to a woman, and many of them can do without orgasm, if only they are treated with tenderness and attention, then a man with the help of a good attitude towards his partner, spiritual intimacy, foreplay seeks to achieve sex.

How a woman chooses a man

Seeing a man for the first time, a woman unconsciously evaluates him not only as a future sexual partner, but more often as the father of her children. She scans how healthy this man is, how strong his muscles are. Historically, a woman chooses a man who is healthy, stocky in the shoulders (can withstand heavy physical exertion), with large eyes (sees the enemy far away), with strong teeth (a sign of longevity), with a healthy skin color and a sparkle in his eyes. We are not talking now about a fat wallet and the latest car as incentives for sexual interest on the part of a woman. And "love" for a subtle young man of an unknown gender is nothing more than a tribute to fashion.

Macho or alpha male?

You can think that these concepts are synonymous. But this is far from the case. A macho is a man who has a lot of testosterone. He doesn't care if a woman is ready for intimacy or not, it's enough that he himself has an erection, he just needs to satisfy his lust. Of course, there are women who like the rude behavior of macho men, but there are not many of them.

An alpha male, although he wants to own many women, but it is important for him to give them pleasure and satisfy them. Women feel this and gratefully accept the caresses of alpha males.

Kavalergard is a passing tense

Remember the old joke about two bulls, young and old, who saw a herd of cows in the distance. The young man says: "Let's go down and catch him!" And the more mature one answers: "Take your time, we are finishing the grass now, and then we will slowly go down and process them all." This anecdote vividly illustrates how testosterone behaves with age. During the period of hypersexuality, at the age of 17-20, the amount of this hormone "surges". Testosterone decreases with age. Male sexual age can be divided into two periods: the first is when a woman's consent pleases a man, he has opportunities and desires; the second - the desire is still present, but the man no longer has the opportunity to satisfy it, and the woman's consent scares him. Unfortunately, the latter period can be traced in men at a younger age. A third of 30-year-old men already have problems with erection and desire. Only 15% of men of this age are capable of repeated sexual intercourse during the day. In men aged 40-50, the percentage of sexual violations increases, and the percentage of achievements decreases. Fortunately, "heroes" have survived to the present moment, who even in their 80s and 90s still have a sex life. But they happen less and less.

We are losing them!

Now more and more women complain that their partners do not need sex. At the same time, men also come to the sexologist with the problem of insufficient sexual activity of their partners. What is the problem? Often - in elementary laziness. Men stopped singing serenades, performing feats for the sake of women, they do not consider it necessary to spend energy on awakening the femininity of their young ladies. It's easier to forget about sex altogether and spend all evenings sitting at the computer or lounging in front of the TV with a bottle of beer.

By the way, about beer. Beer, as well as soy, which is abundant in modern food, contains many phytoestrogens, due to which men become feminine, they lose their masculinity, aggression, and lose the desire to "conquer" a woman.