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You can't eat money | poetry about our life

08.04.2021 13:04:23
Rozetka UA
Rozetka UA


x You can't eat money,

together with them… x

You cant eat money

In this complete silence, full of noise and tears,

no longer hear the birds singing.

You can't eat money,

to close this pain.

The darkness around is unbearable,

but all in love with their own blindness,

Where other people's lips drink crystal water,

you are given gasoline to drink.

The breath of the wind is reminiscent of dreams,

but at home - only concrete and garbage,

And on the street - a sea of ​​stones,

knocking you off your feet.

Disposable hands are held around the neck,

from plastic mannequins,

With a muzzle on his face.

Empty and toxic, without feelings.

Each time - one-time actions, and people such,

and tomorrow will cover with rain from garbage.

Poisonous actions - have poisoned our stream of life,

forgot about the tree, the source of existence.

Around - synthetic prostitutes,

who lost their childhood dreams,

Fleeing the city, saving your own life,

save your child…

...remembering that when the last one falls,

leaves of the tree of hope, into the poisonous river,

the last animal was killed,

nothing quenches their hunger and thirst.

and the money will lie with the mannequins,

in a dry swamp of oil.


автор тексту: Rayan Riener

2021-04-08 13:23:23

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