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Інформація з України - Secrets of Ukraine: Amazing video!
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Project Ukrainer released a new exciting video on Independence Day: Secrets of Ukraine

24.08.2020 14:08:52
AliExpress WW
AliExpress WW

August 24 is a special day for Ukrainians. At this time, a country rich in history and culture will celebrate its new Independence Day. Foreigners do not know about many facts of Ukraine, so NikopolToday shares an excellent video about this in English from Project Ukraїner.

First of all, let us remind all of you that Ukraine is not Russia. Rather, on the contrary - Russia is Ukraine.

An ancient country with a history of many thousands and rich in nature and culture, a melodic language, found freedom again 29 years ago after almost a hundred years of slavery in the USSR.

You can learn more about the history of Ukraine, its culture and Ukrainians thanks to the English-language version of the project at this link (site Ukraїner).

автор тексту: Rayan Riener

2020-08-24 14:54:52

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